Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall: The Writer's Season

This morning I actually had to bust out a long sleeve t-shirt to go running. It was a brisk 47 degrees and didn't get much warmer than the upper sixties all day. Overcast and gloomy out, it felt great to huddle in the writer's cave with a steaming mug of coffee and tap away on the computer. I worked on three different short stories today. Two I reworked/rewrote from older versions (some parts were simply awful, but all that unpleasantness has been fixed) and am pretty happy with the results. The last one is brand new and promising so far (only about a thousand words in). I'll pick up where I left off tomorrow after I proof the other two stories. Not an especially exciting day, but a productive one.

I'm really enjoying writing these shorties, especially after so much time focusing on novel length projects. It feels a little like I'm getting away with something, to be honest. I just dip into a story and then dip out again. The five I've completed in the last week have ranged from 700 to 9,000 words. It is sometimes difficult to keep the more detailed descriptions out of a short and not delve too deeply into characterization (there just isn't time), but it's a great feeling to write something fresh without committing myself to at least 100k words. I hope to finish at least three more shorties before NaNoWriMo starts next Friday and all hell breaks loose.

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